Saturday, 25 February 2012

Otter Finished
I decided I didn't like the sky colour and that the greenery needed some more depth so I worked on those before adding more fur detail to the otter.  I've called it "Thank You For The Fish" because with eyes closed and front paws together, he looks like he's praying.

Otter Phase 2
Started to add some colour.  It looks a bit messy at  them moment because I am just experimenting with colours, textures and composition.  I'm still quite pleased with the way it is coming along.

A Little Watercolour

I decided to do a quick watercolour whilst I was waiting for the gesso to dry.
Gesso still not dry!! Will have to wait until tomorrow before I can start to put paint on the otter 

Otter Phase 1
25 Feb 2012. Started a new painting in a completely new style for me.  I have no idea how it will turn out because it is all experimental.  But I decided to get more creative with my backgrounds.  That's what going to an exhibition does for you!  I started with a blank (box) canvas and decided to have a go at an otter I photographed last year.  I sketched the outline of the otter and got out an old pot of gesso that had gone lumpy, then went into the garden and picked up a few grasses, moss sprouts and pine needles and set to work laying them out onto the canvas with dollops of gesso.  It is very thick in places so will take a while to dry.  I am not even sure the grasses will stick with the gesso or if I will need some glue.

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  1. I find I shy away from backgrounds Eunice but in my latest 'Swan' painting I was determined to add the background and it worked. Look forward to seeing this painting develop. Your 'quick' watercolour is super! I did a few in this style with the stronger foreground depicting the Scottish countryside. :)