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Most paintings I am drawn to, the ones that make me say "Wow", are very often abstracts.  I have always wanted to have a go but not known where to start.  This painting was my first attempt.  I decided to use oils over a painting I had done a while ago and didn't like, so cutting down on the waste if it didn't turn out too well.  I really enjoyed the experience....big brushes, thick oily paint, limited pallet of colours and a pallet knife.  I was in heaven!!  I posted it on my Facebook page and have had some very pleasing comments. 

'Bloody Abstract Landscape'
12" x 9" Oils on Canvas Board

I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to do some more and see where they lead me.   I started to prepare another canvas board and thought I'd show a step-by-step..............

Preparation, stage 1

It is usually best to start the base with Acrylics, even if you plan to finish in oils.  They dry quicker and don't lift when you apply the oil paint.

Preparation, stage 2

OK, a confession here.  I HATE ACRYLICS!  Despite achieving some excellent results with them when painting animals, I don't enjoy the slimy consistency and the way they are so difficult to blend.  I took this photo when this was still a bit wet so it is not a very good representation, but you can see from it that they don't blend well.  An artist friend of mine, who uses acrylics all the time and loves them says I must be using a poor brand.  The brand I use was recommended to me and they were NOT cheap.  Maybe it's just me.  I don't give up easily and as I said, I do get some quite good results with them, so I'll keep trying.  All mediums have their pro's and con's.

I am hoping to do some more work on this over the Easter break.

 Number 10's Dream of Escape
Oils over Acrylics on Canvas Board 12" x 16" 

I sat and stared at the base colours for a while, turned the canvas around and stared some more, then some surreal images started to appear in my mind. This is about my dissatisfaction with the way the world is going. I have called it "Number 10's Dream of Escape".  It represents how we are all being led off a cliff by greedy, useless politicians. The 10th man is trying to escape as the world is turning upside down. Makes sense to me anyway. Maybe I need help?!

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