Monday, 29 October 2012


This is just a preliminary sketch to see if I could get the water to look right.  I have had some encouraging comments, so I will work on a larger version and see how it goes.

Monday, 22 October 2012



I found a photo I took of a Charollais last time I was in France and as I wanted to try out some new techniques, she seemed as good an option as any.

1st sitting:  Laid the background in acrylics and blocked in the first stage of the cow.

2nd sitting:  Added another layer of colours to tone down the harsh tonal differences on the first stage.

3rd sitting:  I decided to have a go at laying on paint impasto style with a colour-shaper tool, thingy. It was great fun and I really like the effect. See close-up below..............

Still lots to do but I am quite pleased with the way this one is progressing.

I have tweaked the cow some more and added in the foreground.  Now I've done that, I think the background is a bit flat and too abstract for the piece so I need to do some work on that next.


Thursday, 5 April 2012



Most paintings I am drawn to, the ones that make me say "Wow", are very often abstracts.  I have always wanted to have a go but not known where to start.  This painting was my first attempt.  I decided to use oils over a painting I had done a while ago and didn't like, so cutting down on the waste if it didn't turn out too well.  I really enjoyed the experience....big brushes, thick oily paint, limited pallet of colours and a pallet knife.  I was in heaven!!  I posted it on my Facebook page and have had some very pleasing comments. 

'Bloody Abstract Landscape'
12" x 9" Oils on Canvas Board

I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to do some more and see where they lead me.   I started to prepare another canvas board and thought I'd show a step-by-step..............

Preparation, stage 1

It is usually best to start the base with Acrylics, even if you plan to finish in oils.  They dry quicker and don't lift when you apply the oil paint.

Preparation, stage 2

OK, a confession here.  I HATE ACRYLICS!  Despite achieving some excellent results with them when painting animals, I don't enjoy the slimy consistency and the way they are so difficult to blend.  I took this photo when this was still a bit wet so it is not a very good representation, but you can see from it that they don't blend well.  An artist friend of mine, who uses acrylics all the time and loves them says I must be using a poor brand.  The brand I use was recommended to me and they were NOT cheap.  Maybe it's just me.  I don't give up easily and as I said, I do get some quite good results with them, so I'll keep trying.  All mediums have their pro's and con's.

I am hoping to do some more work on this over the Easter break.

 Number 10's Dream of Escape
Oils over Acrylics on Canvas Board 12" x 16" 

I sat and stared at the base colours for a while, turned the canvas around and stared some more, then some surreal images started to appear in my mind. This is about my dissatisfaction with the way the world is going. I have called it "Number 10's Dream of Escape".  It represents how we are all being led off a cliff by greedy, useless politicians. The 10th man is trying to escape as the world is turning upside down. Makes sense to me anyway. Maybe I need help?!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Otter Finished
I decided I didn't like the sky colour and that the greenery needed some more depth so I worked on those before adding more fur detail to the otter.  I've called it "Thank You For The Fish" because with eyes closed and front paws together, he looks like he's praying.

Otter Phase 2
Started to add some colour.  It looks a bit messy at  them moment because I am just experimenting with colours, textures and composition.  I'm still quite pleased with the way it is coming along.

A Little Watercolour

I decided to do a quick watercolour whilst I was waiting for the gesso to dry.
Gesso still not dry!! Will have to wait until tomorrow before I can start to put paint on the otter 

Otter Phase 1
25 Feb 2012. Started a new painting in a completely new style for me.  I have no idea how it will turn out because it is all experimental.  But I decided to get more creative with my backgrounds.  That's what going to an exhibition does for you!  I started with a blank (box) canvas and decided to have a go at an otter I photographed last year.  I sketched the outline of the otter and got out an old pot of gesso that had gone lumpy, then went into the garden and picked up a few grasses, moss sprouts and pine needles and set to work laying them out onto the canvas with dollops of gesso.  It is very thick in places so will take a while to dry.  I am not even sure the grasses will stick with the gesso or if I will need some glue.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sun 19th Feb. In the final stage it came together quite quickly.
Pastels on velour. 31cm x 24cm.
For sale
Cheetah phase 3
 Sat 18th Feb, a little more done on the fur detail.  Quite a way to go yet but I'm still happy with the progress.

Cheetah phase 2.
This weekend (11th & 12th Feb), I managed to do some more.  Building up under-shades and colour depth and starting on the fur detail.  It is a long, painstaking job drawing in almost every hair but I am quite pleased with the way it is coming together.
I was horrified to find that one of my cats had scratched it.  He is very young and enthusiastic and climbs on everything, including my easel!!  However, the velour surface is quite forgiving and I managed to rescue it.  The scratches wont be visible when it's finished.

Cheetah phase 1.
I started this painting on 5th February.  I found a superb photo by Gary Jones and decided to try painting it.  I am using one of my favourite mediums, Pastels.  I have three sets of pastels by different manufacturers:
Derwent pastel pencils
Faber Castel pastel sticks
Inscribe pastel sticks
I am painting onto Clairfontaine Velour, specially designed for pastels.
I used it once before to paint a young lioness and loved the way it holds the pastel and allows a lot of detail to be built up in layers.  It is especially good for long fur.

I like to start with the eyes because they are the most important part.  If they go wrong I have to start again so no point doing too much of anything else!


Hi and welcome to my new blog.  I have never done this before so all is completely new.  I will welcome any tips.

My name is Eunice Knott and I love to paint and draw.  My favourite subjects are animals, landscapes and seascapes.  I am a predominantly self-taught artist and am learning all the time and enjoying every new experience and media.  I wish I had more time to try new stuff and experiment with styles.

I want to use this blog to show my work as it progresses through the stages of development through to each finished piece.  Not all ideas work out but it is how I and many other artists learn.

All of my most recent work can be seen on my website: Eunice Knott - Artist